The Executive Committee are appointed members who are responsible for all decision making, direction and implementation of Club procedures and policies. They establish yearly vision and mission for JCVC. The Executive Committee reviews all protocols and suggestions submitted by the advisory board or AGM member-generated recommendations.


Club Director (two-year term) – parent position in any age division

Co-Directors: Lisa Pasishnik & Gloria Gingera

Email: director@jcvcvolleyball.ca


Executive Advisor (one-year term) – experienced parent and/or coach

Anne Coté 


Club Treasurer (one to two-year term - 17U or 18U parent position)

Bob Gilewicz

Email: treasurer@jcvcvolleyball.ca


Coaches Coordinator (two-year term - coach position)

Darren Toombs

Email: coaches@jcvcvolleyball.ca


Facilities Manager (one to two year term - 15U or 16U parent position)

Sue Salmon

Email: facilities@jcvcvolleyball.ca


Apparrel Coordinator (one to two year term – 13U or 14U parent position)

Stacey Patenaude

Email: clothing@jcvcvolleyball.ca

Equipment Coordinator (one to two year term – 15U or 16U parent position)

Vanessa Robbins

Email: equipment@jcvcvolleyball.ca

Web Administrator (one or two year term - 15U or 16U parent position)

Stephanie Thoms

Email: webadmin@jcvcvolleyball.ca


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