Q. What does the acronym JCVC represent?

A. Jeff's Crestwear Volleyball Club. Jeff's Crestwear, the official sponsor, is a Saskatoon apparel and screen printing company. 


Q. How long is the Club's season?

A. December to May.


Q. What are the Age Divisions in JCVC? 

(subject to change each year based on demand and coaching availability)

A. Girls 13U- 18U 

B. Boys 13U-17U


Q. Who can try out for JCVC?

A. You must be a Saskatchewan resident. JCVC has an open tryout policy for any athlete 18 or under to play a club season (December-May). Fall Frenzy is developmental and does not require a tryout. See Club Season or Fall Frenzy for details.


Q. How much does it cost to join JCVC?

A. Costs vary according to the Age Division. Please read through the JCVC fee guide for costs for the 2016 season. 


Q. What is the largest Club expense?

A. Facility rental fees amount to 60% or more of the fees. The club seeks grant funding and sponsorship to help defray these costs.


Q. How often do teams practice?

A. If gym availability permits, all teams will practice 2-3 times per week.


Q. What is the commitment level expected from athletes?

A. JCVC is a competitive program and expects that all athletes and coaches attend a majority of practices. We encourage multi-sport athletes, with the understanding that coaches will expect players to devote equivalent training time to each sport. Lack of attendance at practice will affect performance and may result in limited play time, particularly in older age groups. 


Q. Where do teams practice?

A. Practices are held at Centennial Collegiate, E.D. Feehan Collegiate, Henk Rhys Arena, and the Saskatoon French School. Team practice schedules are determined at the beginning of the season.

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