The History of JCVC.

In autumn 1998, a group of parents, coaches and volleyball organizers formed a new Saskatoon volleyball club to serve high performance athletes and foster a grassroots developmental system for amateur players. The aim was for the volleyball club to evolve to the stage where all age categories — both male and female — would be offered an opportunity to advance in the sport of volleyball. This meeting served as the genesis of the Jeff’s Crestwear Volleyball Club (JCVC).

In 1999, JCVC began under the direction of Anne and Keith Côté, who coached a 14-and-under (14U) girl’s team. While club coordinators, coaches and parents have changed since the early days, the Club maintains its original vision and operates as a volunteer-led, developmental and performance-based volleyball organization. Today, the Club offers a volleyball community for dozens of coaches, parents, and nearly 200 male and female athletes, ages 10 – 18.

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